This Summer we are asking you, our community, to help us go the distance!

Whether you walk, run, cycle, skate or swim, we're asking you to support the Hospice by collecting miles in memory of those those you have lost.

  1. You pick your method and your target distance
  2. Set up your personal fundraising page
  3. Together with all the supporters taking part, your miles will be tracked through Strava or inputted into your profile and will add to our distance totaliser to see how far we can travel as a community!

You can dedicate your fundraising and your miles to someone who meant the world to you.

Anyone can take part in this community memory event and whatever you can do will contribute to the end goal. Whether you walk 1 mile or 100 miles, whether you raise £10 or hundreds of £'s we are all in this together and your efforts will directly help people in your community who need it most.

As you may know, East Cheshire Hospice is the 2nd lowest funded Hospice, so fundraising is essential to keeping the Hospice services going. With the news of COVID-19 and the year which followed this brought our usual fundraising to a standstill. Luckily our community is the greatest there is and showed us generosity that we could not have predicted. However we are still not there yet, we need continued support and fundraising to help us go the distance.

You can help by taking part, raising sponsorship for your Memory Miles and spreading the word - getting everyone you know involved. Share your stories, let us know why you wanted to take part and who you are thinking about while you cover those Memory Miles.

And we hope to see you at our Memory Miles event on Friday 27th August 2021 at Adlington Hall to finish your miles in style and celebrate your achievements! Check our website for event & registration details.

We know that with our community we can go the distance!


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